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Perhaps you have sold a property recently, or maybe it has been several years; this may even be the first time you have sold a property. Our philosophy in selling your property includes several key components to attracting prospective buyers to your property and closing the sale.


The people who will see your online information will be looking at many other properties in that same price range. When your property has a compelling price, it is the first major step to interest a prospective buyer in wanting to see it in person. If your property's price is too high, it will not compare favorably with the other options on the market. Remember - they are going to see them all online! And they may not even choose to bother to view in person what appears to be an overpriced property.

You may notice that we constantly refer to this process as selling your property. This is an important time to make sure that you internalize that you are not selling your "home." Once you have made the decision to sell, what was your "home" should now be viewed as a property - a product that you are asking the market to buy. If the market does not perceive value in the product at the listed price, you will miss getting your product in front of those buyers. And that will cost you missed opportunity and money.

Online Photography and Marketing Messages

Dear Buyer, this is why you want to see this property in person! This is a critically important component and it is addressed by the extensive photography that we include, accompanied by marketing messages. These are the marketing remarks on the listing itself as well as the pictures, captions, video tour created from the still images, and 3D video tour (from Matterport). We want anyone who can afford your property to see enough via the online messages to make them anxious to see your property in person. Inside, outside, sunsets, views, design details, custom mantels, redesigned kitchens, new roofs, carpeting, paint - whatever you have done - we will showcase the best that your property has to offer. The goal is to 'walk the prospective buyers through' your property, inside and out - with photography and the video tour - so we turn them into a visitor to your property rather than just an online viewer.

And all of that marketing will be available to anyone driving or walking by too - the For Sale sign will include a 'rider' with a link to easy and immediate access to all of the information and photography that we have for your property. Here is a recent listing as an example. And we'll take the best of the best and use that in 4-color, 4-page brochures that will be inside to remind the buyers coming through of how much they liked your property and make them want to come back for a second look.

Dressing For Company

Once we get them to your front door, it's time for the basics. Your property must be clean, uncluttered (almost to the point of being austere) and 'dressed up for company.' We want your property to 'invite' the prospective buyers to see themselves living there. (If the buyer is thinking of it as your "home" when they walk in, they're not going to spend as much emotional investment time imagining themselves living there. And we want them emotionally invested in your property!)

As you will see and hear in all of our communication, our business is based on referrals - not just to us - but also in providing resources to service providers to you as our clients. All of these services aren't necessarily going to be relevant to you, but the message is the same - we can help you find resources for whatever services you might need. Cleaning services, both for getting ready to show your property but also for when you are moving out (unless you really do want to clean your moldings, window tracks, cabinet shelves and drawers and refrigerator yourself!), a furnace service company, roof, window and gutter cleaners, landscapers and arborists, perhaps a personal organizer to help sort through some of the extra things in your life that you may not want to move. These are resources that we can connect you with to make your preparations to sell easier.

  • We will also be discussing the 'big ticket' areas that might come up in your buyer's inspection. Since inspections are the second negotiation point in the process of selling your property, you as a seller may incur unexpected and unwelcome costs So, we will have a specific conversation before listing your property about some possible 'big ticket' areas. Crawl spaces, attics, and roofs - whether we are talking about moisture, leaks or potential rodents - can cause a buyer to walk away rather than even negotiate with you during the inspection. If you have any cause for concern in these areas, we can refer appropriate resources to you to evaluate and correct if needed, before you are told what you need to do (and how they want you to do it) by your buyer!

  • If the process of getting to that 'austere product' that we are asking you for feels daunting, we can also refer a personal organizer if you would like some additional assistance in de-cluttering - better characterized as enhancing the space - prior to selling. Your buyers are going to be looking at and opening everything from refrigerators and pantries to bedroom and linen closets - you are going to want your property and all of its amenities to appear to be sized just right. We will have advised you on what to do; a personal organizer may be just what you need to know how to do it.

Chris and Bob have had staging certification training and many times are able to advise you themselves on how to prepare your property to become that "product" we've described here. Sometimes, however, we will also bring in a professional staging resource to help us to prepare your property to give it that extra bit of dressing up for company. Check out this video to see what professional staging can do.

Please do check out our currently Active Listings to see our property presentation. Whether the photography, the marketing verbiage, or the video tour, we are committed to showing your property in a very comprehensive and best light.

Working together, we can prepare your property to attract the right people - because your buyer is somewhere in that group of people. Through our What We Will Do For You document, we lay out many of the steps taken to assure that your property is prepared - to show and to sell.

It is our goal to ensure that you know the dimensions and the level of service that we deliver so you can be confident throughout this process. As always, it is our pleasure to serve you, to be a resource for you and for anyone in your life, no matter where they live.

Below are some of the properties Group Estes Realty helped our clients sell.

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