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About Trevor Cook

Beginning with my upbringing, the importance of honesty and doing good for others was instilled within my character. I grew up in a large family and was one of six children so, naturally, I also had to learn to work together with people quite early on. These values have continued to define the person that I am, and have played a major role in guiding me to pursue real estate as a long term profession.

The beauty of this profession is the opportunity it provides to build meaningful relationships and to be of assistance to people, helping them to achieve their dreams. The most important goal that I strive towards each day is to make the individuals I interact with truly feel that they are valued, and not merely from a transactional standpoint. Venturing into the inner workings of real estate will always be much more than a sole financial investment. It requires an investment of time, emotions, patience, and trust that the professional help youíre receiving is working in your best interest. As I extend an offer of my services to the public, itís my primary concern to convey that I want to be a continuing resource that anyone feels confident coming to or referring; no matter if itís for inquiries regarding buying, selling, gaining insight about the market, or simply chatting about all things real estate and investigating the various ways I can be of service and deliver value.

My educational background includes focuses in marketing and economics, as Iím continuing to pursue a Bachelorís in Marketing at Western Washington University. I also have considerable involvement in athletics, and played four years of collegiate baseball in which my teams made it to the league championship in back-to-back seasons. Utilizing this experience to my advantage, I know just how critical it is to be part of a strong team in order to work towards your goals. And that is why it is an absolute honor to be affiliated with a local firm that comes so highly regarded and with such deep roots in the world of real estate. Being a part of Group Estes Realty will offer the best of both worlds to everyone we have the privilege of reaching out to and helping. I will be working with Christine Estes and Bob Ferguson, seasoned professionals with numerous years of practice in their portfolios. The value that I bring to the mix is unrivaled enthusiasm, desire to learn from my mentors, and eagerness to reach as many people as I can help, as Iíve recently attained my WA State brokerís license.

When the topic of purchasing or selling a home is brought into discussion, the unfortunate truth is that many people consider it strictly as a basic exchange - a few interactions are made, some papers are signed, and then payment is transferred...right? But there are far more elements that go into it than meet the eye. There is one thing that is certain, however, and that is this: no matter if youíre looking to sell and secure your financial well-being; no matter if youíre seeking an investment opportunity to build wealth; no matter if youíre interested in finding a home where you can settle down and make memories; whatever your needs and wishes may be, it is utterly necessary to have someone that will always be there for you, who you can approach with trust. Regardless of the situation, itís essential to have a facilitator who will do whatever it takes, go to work for you, and act in your best interest so that all of your needs, wants, and goals may be accomplished. It is my primary purpose to be that facilitator for you.

To find out more about me, check out my Facebook page.


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