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About Christine Estes

When I started my real estate practice, it may surprise you to know that it wasn't just because I like houses. Yes, of course, I enjoy seeing a model home as much as the next person, but it wasn't that love of houses and design that beckoned me. I was after a business - a business where the relationships that I build with my clients are the fuel, rather than the individual transactions. Listening to you, helping you to determine what your options are and what will best meet your needs - that's where my enjoyment comes from. And the fact that, to serve you, I get to work with interesting homes, designs, colors and architecture is the bonus.

It was clear to me very early that I wanted to be sure that my time was well focused. Rather than trying to find just anyone to serve, it felt better to focus on serving the people already in my life, and through them, other people that they know. By building a business based on referrals, I am not spending my time, attention and dollars on passive activities like Open Houses and advertising (you won't see my picture on a grocery store cart!) and other traditional ways to 'find' clients. Rather, I continually work to find ways to surprise and serve my key advocates - those people whom I have served, are currently serving, and /or who have referred me. They know that I am here to serve them, and to ensure that the people in their life get the same exceptional service that they do.

Enhanced Customer Service

As my business grew, I realized quickly that to deliver consistently excellent service, I needed timely at-the-keyboard help. My primary focus is on face-to-face time and I am frequently not in the office - I needed to be able to be in two places at once! What started out as a full-time assistant is now the Group Estes Realty co-founder. And that's Bob Ferguson. Bob not only offers a time enhancement component to the business, he is another set of eyes and ears; another level of accountability that you can depend on. The two of us as a team are committed to meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations of creativity and communication. So what can you expect from a real estate professional, beyond the basics of buying a home or selling a property? Hand-in-hand with service is a commitment to excellence and accountability. We choose to affiliate with the National Association of REALTORS® - an organization that holds us to a higher level of accountability via its Code of Ethics. We feel that this investment and commitment are important components of our level of service. And we maximize one of its benefits as much as possible… and that's making the most of access to local Real Estate Attorneys through education. As the law evolves, and it always does, being in the room with the resources on the front lines enhances our knowledge base.

In concert with the focus on consistent improvement is a commitment to the technology that best serves you. Whether it is the information that you find on this website - well beyond the buying and selling process and focused on conveying market trends and timely real estate, home ownership and property management guidelines. Or the way that we convey the information and photography on the properties that we are offering for sale. We are always looking for enhancements to our level of service. There are yet more components to our philosophy of service. Helpful information through newsletters and articles. Quarterly market updates so you know what the market is doing near your property (and however many you have!). Statistics and trends updated on the website each month. A database of reliable vendors to share with you as you need additional services (well beyond lenders, we have roofers and painters, financial advisors, interior designers and more), and we keep adding to and vetting our database. In short, we are always seeking new ways to add value.

Personal Credibility

Having personally bought and sold several homes on both coasts, I know how easy it can be if the right team is working for you, and how stressful it can be if things go sideways. And I can tell you from experience that when things do go sideways - and you might be surprised how often something does - you don't just want an average team serving you and your interests. When the going gets tough, average - average communication, average expertise, average listening and negotiating, average creativity - just isn't good enough. My job - and my passion - is to make whatever challenges that present themselves as transparent as possible to you by delivering exceptional service and creativity.

Community Service

From my earliest days with Windermere Real Estate, I have contributed to a charitable organization with each transaction that I have closed. This continues with Group Estes Realty, through transactional charitable donations, as well as hosting fundraisers that support Northwest Harvest and give us an opportunity to see you. Find out more about Group Estes Realty's community service commitment.

Whether you're Buying or Selling

Buying a home or selling a property is frequently an emotional experience, introducing change and complexity, and requiring a lot of timely, frequently intense, decisions. The last thing anyone in the midst of these decisions wants to feel like is a 'transaction.' We each deserve to be heard, to be advised of our rights, to receive consistent communication and follow-through - in short, to be served so that the results that we want and need are achieved. That is our commitment to you.

This business that I have created goes way beyond exchanging keys. It is about serving you and the people in your life, whatever your goals, whatever your timeframe, whether locally or beyond. Years of business coaching and collecting knowledgeable real estate connections throughout the country allows me to have access to this same kind of information and service for you almost anywhere in North America and beyond.

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I have bought 7 homes and was never happier nor more satisfied with the process than when working with Chris. She kept me informed at every step, made the best use of my time, and got us past the inevitable hurdles without a hitch.


You have great customer service -- you go above and beyond. Thank you.


Chris "prepared" the property for sale, priced it right for the market, and sold it quickly - with no hassles. Great professionalism!


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